A supercharged version with the V6 is also in Levis’ projects

He promptly bought the brand’s rights from Redshaw and together they build the Levis Motorcycle Company inside July 2017, with new headquarters in Swaffham including a clear plan in their imagination.

The particular Levis brand remained dormant till 2014, when China Motorcycles Manufacturers its rights were being acquired by David Redshaw, exactly who dreamt of reviving it. SOME lb-ft)..Levis Motorcycles stands among the list of pioneers of the British street bike industry, and was active out of 1911 until 1941. In 1928 Levis developed its first four-stroke, successfully venturing in off-road racing, until Planet War II put a rapid end to its story.

This engine was built with a modular design that allowed regarding easy production of V8, V6, V4 and perhaps V2 variants, and Bevan had already been looking for a suitable sport bike to host it.

Power is transmitted via your six-speed gearbox with an overdrive 6th, developed by Levis to provide several future models. The 1.For the Café Racer many people developed a 1, 200-cc V6 type of Connaught’s liquid-cooled engine, mounted longitudinally on the frame, producing some 120 hewlett packard (89.

A supercharged version with the V6 is also in Levis’ projects. 2-liter V6 motor from the 2018 Levis Café Racer will certainly produce around 120 hp within. 5 kW) and a nice selection of torque – Levis calculates a thing around 120 Nm (88..

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